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New Services

We are delighted to announce to you, our new innovative services. 
Expanding our services right to your doorstep 

Advance Bus Ticket Booking

We are thrilled to present an innovative solution that will transform your bus travel experience. Metro Mass Transit Limited is proud to introduce our cutting-edge bus ticket booking service, designed to simplify and enhance your journey with us. 

With our new platform, you can say goodbye to long queues, inconvenient ticketing processes, and the hassle of last-minute arrangements.

Online Bus Hiring Portal

Yet another thrilling new service, a premium bus transport hiring service, proudly brought to you by Metro Mass Transit Limited.

As a trusted name in the transportation industry, we have been serving commuters for years with our reliable and efficient public bus services. Now, we are extending our expertise to offer our bus hiring service a step away from your laptops or mobile devices.

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New Services

About Our Company

Metro Mass Transit Ltd was incorporated in March 2003 as a limited liability company under the Ghana Companies Code, (1963) Act 179. The Company is a public-private partnership between the Government of Ghana holding 45% of the shares and six Institutional investors holding 55% of the shares combined.

Metro Mass Transit Limited is a leading provider of public transportation services in, Ghana. We operate a fleet of buses that serve over 500,000 passengers daily across the country. Our vision is to provide safe, reliable, and affordable mass transit options that enhance mobility for the people of Ghana.

To be the most preferred Transport Company in the sub region.

To provide reliable, safe, efficient and affordable mass transport services by road in the sub region.

Share Holders

Government Of Ghana (45%)
Agricultural Development Bank (16.67%)
Social Security And National Insurance Trust (11.67%)
National Investment Bank (9.33%)
Ghana Oil Company Limited (7.5%)
State Insurance Company (5.8%)
In Tresury (2.5%)
Prudential Bank Limited (1.67)

Our Services

We offer various services to complement your travel needs.
Your satisfaction still remains our Priority

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Bus Hiring Service

Bus Hiring

We offer hiring services to organizations, groups, etc.Look no further for your recreational trips and programs.

Parcel and Luggage Services

Parcel and Luggage Service

We offer you the hassle-free option of sending your parcels and luggage to different destinations saving you both time and effort.

Advertising Space

Advertising Space

We rent out spaces on buses, LCD screens in our buses, our terminal walls, etc. for brand advertisement

Contract Service

Contract Service

This service offers special contractual arrangements between organizations, schools, etc to convey them from one point to the other. E.g. From a Point to work or school.

Inter-City Service

Inter-City Service

This service is a long distance spanning above 150km. Usually connecting two or more cities.

Intra-city Service

Intra-City Service

Intra-City Service

This service spans between 0km to 49km. Usually within the cities across the country.

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