Metro Mass Transit Embarks On Fuel Efficiency Exercise

As part of efforts to reduce its operational cost, the Company is embarking on an exercise that seeks to ensure the efficient use of fuel in all its buses across the country.

The ultimate goal of this exercise is to optimize productivity to ensure the growth of the company.

The exercise is being rolled out in two phases; Bus maintenance and optimizing technique; and Driver behavior technique. It is being led by Mr. Henk Visschers and Luc Vervaene, members of the VDL Assisted Team.

Phase One of the exercise entails ensuring maintenance culture through regular servicing and component checks, tire pressure management by maintaining proper tire pressure, as well as engine tuning by optimizing engine performance such as adjusting fuel injection and ignition timing.

Phase Two of the exercise seeks to provide drivers with training programs on fuel-efficient driving techniques such as smooth acceleration and deceleration; encouraging drivers to adopt eco-friendly practices like avoiding excessive idling and planning efficient routes, and the implementation of reward systems and monitoring technologies that track fuel consumption.

Mr. Henk Visschers commenting on the exercise said “Our fuel efficiency exercise is meant to raise awareness and mindset shift and to overcome resistance by encouraging the mindset of sustainable transportation practices. It is our hope that all drivers will take part in this important exercise since it will enable us to be conversant with the road, keep a good maintenance culture, and develop the habit of anticipating and adapting to different road conditions”.

Luc Vervaene also commenting on the exercise said “The successful implementation of the exercise will ensure improved fuel-efficiency, reduced number of crashes on the road, and also improve general driver behavior through feedback systems”.

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